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Retailers, our international music collections are guaranteed to make your staff and customers feel good. They’re sold in hundreds of gift, book & other specialty stores.

July Promotion

All CDs $6.75 · Free Freight ($100+) · 60-Day Terms

Putumayo offers an array of CDs featuring music from around the world with many including album download cards

Barefoot Books: visit Faire or contact

Enchanted Lion books: Claudia at 

Emerson Matabele cards:



Place Your Order

International retailers please click here to find contact information for your region.


If you have any questions, please contact Dan Storper at (800) 995-9588 ext. 10 or at

Pay Your Bill Online

To pay your bill online, click the button below. The first time you login, you will enter your payment details. After that, you will receive a temporary login code each time you pay.

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